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The Science and Technology Indicators 2016, generated by Colombian Observatory

of Science and Technology (OCyT) show in this edition the main trends and dynam-

ics related to Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) for Colombia, where this

information is essential to understand, analysis and evaluate the situation of this

thematic as the bases to define agendas and instruments to promote STI in all sec-

tions of society.

In the version 2016, it includes different indicators of STI that the OCyT has been

calculated year after year as key input to analysis and track of trends in this topic

in Colombia, including the most relevant indicators and other metrics that provide

integral and specific information for take decisions and evaluation of STI in the


The calculation of the STI indicators, it is the result of institutional teamwork

among Colciencias, OCyT and other institutions that have allowed the capture of

relevant and affordable data from methods and techniques based on international

standards that guarantee rigour and relevance of the estimated indicators and

potential uses by different actors of National System of Science, Technology and

Innovation and stakeholders.

The STI indicators and time series produced by the OCyT are built on statistical

standards and principles that allow international comparison. Moreover, the methods

are in a permanent evaluation and update to guarantee changes and improvements

according to international requirements. These indicators are calculated from

perspective of policy makers and decision makers as an input to develop process

and activities related to STI. Finally, every version seeks to include new information

that contributes the analysis of STI in Colombia.

In this version, the book has eleven chapters distributed of following manner:

Chapter 1 denominated expenditure in science, technology and innovation

activities shows key indicators on expenditure and funding of R&D and scientific,

technological and innovation activities from the public and private perspective.

Chapter 2 shows indicators related to education in science and technology in

the country that includes graduates, doctoral formation, national programs of PhD

and master´s programs, scholarships, loans and young researchers as key input to

measure human resources in STI in Colombia.

Chapter 3 includes indicators on national capabilities in science and technology

to determine trends and dynamics of research groups and researchers by OECD field

of science and technology and region.

In Chapter 4, it identifies the main indicators of Call 737 – 2015 that summarizes

the performance of the research groups and Colombian researchers from criteria

related to production and scientific quality.